Ethical Trading Policy

Ethical Trading Policy

Dated August 2007
Version No 1.1

Natural Touch is committed to ensuring that relationships with our suppliers are ethically, as well as commercially, based. We promote the dissemination of best ethical trading practice throughout our supply chain to address this complex issue.

The Company

  1. Endorse current international Labour Organisation Conventions and Recommendations and comply with local legislation relating to ethical trading and human rights.
  2. Work with customers, suppliers and other business partners in the industry, to encourage ethical trading standards and to seek continuous improvement.
  3. Integrate ethical trading considerations, where practicable, into all aspects of our business.

Core to the above are:

Labour rights and dignity to work

  1. No forced or involuntary labour
  2. No employment of children except in circumstances that protect their legal rights, protect them from physical risks and do not disrupt their education
  3. Respect of the rights of employees to join legally recognised labour unions
  4. Prohibition of any form of harassment in the workplace.

Health & Safety in the workplace

  1. Design of business practices to safeguard the health and safety aspects of the working environment for each employee.
  2. Commitment that working hours should not be excessive and are comparable to those offered by similar companies in the same region or country or to comply with local legislation.

Fair Remuneration

  1. Commitment that fair remuneration and benefits be provided comparable to that offered by similar companies in the same region or country or to comply with local legislation.

Diversity and respect for differences

  1. Commitment to offer opportunities for promotion based on merit, irrespective of factors such as race, religion, sex, nationality or age.

Opportunity for development
– Commitment to offer training to improve skills