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Valeriana officinalis species of the valerianaceae family. Produced in Croatia this non-toxic and non-irritant oil is botanically related to Spikenard oil. Steam distillation of the rhizomes of this perennial herb produce our light amber oil which has a warm, balsamic aroma. It blends well with several oils including Patchouli, Lavender and Petitgrain. As it can cause sensitisation and deep relaxation it should be used in moderation and at no more than 1% in a blend.

When combined with a massage this oil promotes a feeling of deep relaxation. Many therapists recommend that their clients do not drive after this oil has been used on them.

Methods of use: Bath massage and vaporisation

Cautions: Causes deep sedation. Use at no more than 1% in a blend – Do not use in cases of clinical depression.

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